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Environmental destruction by global warming is now progressing on a global basis.Under such situation, in Japan, oil leak accidents occur in aging hazardous materials storage facilities in various locations and environmental destruction by soil contamination becomes a serious and social issue.
In addition, by the revised Fire Service Act relevant to underground storage tanks, leak prevention meansures are required.
Though government is also taking constructive actions of bearing subsidy partially and so on to the soil contamination and environmental conservation relief project at gas filling stations,
further soil conservation measures should be taken through the cooperation between public and private sectors as a unit.
Sanfreund Corporation provides owners of hazardous materials storage facilities with various products and services related to oil leak prevention measures so that they can devote themselves to their business free from anxiety mainly for underground tanks and pipes with abundant experience and solid technology.


  • Installation of the following FRP lining
    1. Interior lining on underground storage tanks
    2. Interior lining solvent tanks
    3. Steel tanks inside FRP double steel
  • Installation of interior lining on piping systems
  • Installation of the following thermoplastic resin pipes
    1. Resin single wall
    2. Resin double wall
    3. Resin pipes with leak detection system
  • Operation of the following inspection
    1. Open interior inspection of underground tanks
    2. Pipe inside soundness inspection by fiberscope
    3. Steel plate thickness measurement
    4. Pressure test for underground tanks and pipes
  • Operation of cathodic protection
  • Building petrol station facilities and demolishing petrol station facilities
  • Manufacturing in house and selling of FRP sheet and Clean Guard

Construction business permit: Governor of Tokyo Permit (Gen-26) No. 132977
Construction and civil engineering work/painting work/piping work